We believe here at Restoration Specialists,  it’s a worthy contribution to give back to the community supporting us.  We are committed to returning a percentage of our proceeds each year to different causes that help and enrich the lives of others.

From sports teams to charities or community events, we want people to know we care.  Sometimes, a little goes a long way with the fantastic people who organise events and manage these teams.

Special Children's Christmas Party Sponsor - 2023

In 1998, Kiwi kids got to experience the very first Special Children’s Christmas Parties in New Zealand.

Now, every year in New Zealand, nearly 10,000 Kiwi children with special needs, challenging life or health circumstances are invited to a party like no other.

“These kids live with ill-health, disability, challenging home circumstances 24/7. They can’t switch it on and off when they want.

Regardless of their situation, kids are kids. They want to go out and have fun. To be kids.

Our parties makes a huge difference. It’s the small things that make a difference to these children.”

Spirit to Cure Supporter - 2023

It’s an unfortunate eventuality of life these days that many of our friends and family are affected by cancer.

We support Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand and Cancer Research Trust New Zealand through our relationship with Morgans Project Consultants and Suncorp.  

Our support contributes directly towards new treatments, boosting diagnosis rates and improving the everyday lives of cancer patients.

NaZCAR Crazy Horse Race Team - 2023

Supporting the Lemons and Limes Foundation engages Kiwis in motoring activities through safety & driver training programmes, community initiatives, mechanical awareness, as well as team and individual confidence courses & development.

Fast cars are not the purpose of this race team.  

Just good people doing good things.  With their Taika Waititi ‘Boy’ inspired denim jackets, these guys are bound to get the attention of ‘Chardonnay’. 

Double Dunkers Y3-4 Mini Ballers - 2023

Junior sports teach our youth so much, and basketball is something we love to support.  It is one of the fastest-growing sports in Aotearoa and we want to be part of it.

Watch out for these young lads in the years coming. The NBA is calling and with the dedication they have shown to the sport this year, we wouldn’t be surprised if they are on the TV screen in the future.

Tagnadoes U8 Kiwi Tag - 2023

Kids sports can cost a lot of money.  Lowering the bar to access these sports is important to ensure that kids experience activities they may not otherwise get the chance to purely due to cost.

We believe that giving a helping hand to the future stars of New Zealand is important.

Wolf Pack U6 Tag and Soccer - 2023

This pack of kids are just starting from the absolute grassroots level.  We love to see the young athletes of tomorrow getting out on the field and giving it their best effort.

There is a similarity between sport and business.  Hard work, maximum effort and playing fair while following the rules get the best results.

Get them Wolf Pack!