"Our mission is to fill the hole in the market for a full service, specialists, property restoration company"

From the outset, the founders of Restoration Specialists have seen the need for a specialists property restoration company.

Our desire to be able to supply quality property restoration work in the flood damage restoration, fire damage restoration, Mould removal and decontamination remediation industry is displayed in each and every job we undertake. 

Our company focus is on:

  • Customer experience
  • Researched and Developed Technical Methodologies
  • Improved Systems and Software
  • Improved Environmental Conditions
  • Economical Solutions
Restoration Specialists Vehicle

Message from the founders:

We started our careers in construction and reinstatement.  When the methamphetamine ‘p’ contaminated properties became a source of contention, we decided to be the face of realistic and pragmatic results for people who have already experienced traumatic events.  We added flood, fire and mould to our repertoire of property damage restoration services and have found our success is due to being dedicated to specialising in these core services.

Unfortunately, the industry has never had a highly trained property damage restoration provider.  Poorly trained technicians who complete work with average craft and call it “Restoration” are a thing of the past.  

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars to restore and repair flood, fire, mould and contaminated properties each year.  Currently, companies servicing insurance providers think it is the golden ticket to do whatever they please.  In our eyes, this is not ethical.

At Restoration Specialists, you will only get leading technology with verifiable data to back up every decision we make.  This will ultimately save time in restoration and thousands of dollars in reinstatement costs.

We can take your flood, fire, mould-damaged, or contaminated property, and remediate, restore and reinstate your property in the most economical way possible.

Tom Law

Owner, Director

Restoration Specialists Team Member

Leon Crane

Owner, Director