Mould Treatment Information

Before the mould remediation treatment is conducted within your premises, we require the following to be agreed and completed.

  • Make us aware of access, entry, lock up and any specific security requirements for our technicians to follow
  • Starting time of treatment (1)
  • Ensure clear access is available to the affected areas to be treated (excluding air treatments).  Walkways and entrances are clear of all obstructions and items on the floor. All walls will need to be clear of furniture and contents to a minimum of 50cm.  This will allow for use of a ladder if required. (2)
  • If contents (personal items) are required to be treated, these need to be placed together in an area of the room that is clearly visible.  If this has not been discussed and allowed for in the quote it will be an additional charge 
  • If there are signs of mould in any cupboards being treated please empty contents to an area away from walls etc.  Otherwise, leave all contents as is.  Clothing, shoes and contents will not be affected. 
  • Place any fruit or open food (including pet food) into the fridge
  • Vacuum excess dust, dirt or debris.  Clean aluminium windows, door frames and glass of all dirt (3)
  • Place toothbrushes into a cupboard or drawer
  • If the bathroom requires treatment, please remove all towels and floor mats
  • Cover fish tanks
  • Disable or isolate smoke detectors
  1.  Timing is important as we endeavour to complete work within one day.  We will need to discuss starting times to allow for treatment time and a 3-hour non-occupancy by people and pets during and following the treatment.  ie. if our work takes 4 hours and we start at 8 am the property will need to be vacant until 3 pm.  We will notify you once the treatment has been completed with the re-entry time.
  2. We need clear access to all walls and ceiling space of each room being treated.  Due to liability issues, we are unable to move contents, personal items, or furniture without prior agreement, signing a waiver, this may not have been allowed for in your quote.  If items are not moved and mould remains untreated we are unable to guarantee the mould treatment.
  3. Mould grows on dirty surfaces such as glass and aluminium.  This can be easily cleaned by most people and is typically not allowed for as part of our work to improve affordability.  this should be carried out prior to our work.  If you need assistance with this we can complete it at an extra cost.
  4. Please be advised that it is not guaranteed that all stains on any affected materials including (but not limited to) blinds, grout, windows (especially old timber windows), exposed timber or hard to reach places can be removed during remediation. The mould will be treated and removed but staining may still be visible on completion.
Room Space Diagram
Signs During the work

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